25 November 2006 |

I have been involved in SAP Implementation for a couple of years and I have seen the best companies implement SAP and they don't regret.

SAP offers the best in management accounting and I could not resist promoting the best ERP solution


Overhead management

  • Automatically assign simple and complex costs to cost centers, internal orders, or business process in a structured, traceable manner
  • Leverage best practice cost-accounting methodologies for deeper insight into variances, capacity and absorption models
  • Improve the accuracy of internal job costing
  • Complete variance analysis to understand cost overages
Activity-based costing

  • Use template allocations to easily execute complex allocations
  • Leverage full integration with logistics and operational systems to assign accurate operational costs
Product costing

  • Provide detailed information on production costs
  • Calculate COGM and COGS at each step of the production process
  • Support product costing in both process and discrete manufacturing environments

Profit center accountingManagement
  • Set accurate transfer pricing to better value the internal exchange of goods
  • Improve management consolidation and elimination of intercompany profit and losses
  • Analyze the profitability of the smallest unit of responsibility and hold employees accountable

Investment management

  • Utilize embedded technologies to streamline net present value calculations and planning
  • Automatically create a fixed asset master record during construction and capitalize asset underconstruction
  • Save time by transferring information from appropriation requests into an internal order to begin the project
Profitability analysis

  • Generate greater insights from multidimensional analysis of market segments by product, customer, order, or strategic business unit
  • Adapt analysis to multiple businesses and markets
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