Highest Marks in ACCA Examination June 2006

I was reading Student Accountant magazine of ACCA and they have published highest marks achiever of June 2006 examination. I was amazed that the candidates can achieve such a high marks in examination.

The June 2006 exam session saw nearly 116,400 Professional Scheme candidates write over 210,000 scripts at 337 exam centres in 133 countries. Following each exam session, ACCA marks the achievements of its top scoring students by awarding medals to those who score the highest scores in the three core papers.

Gold medal winner : Rajeev Tatiah, Mauritius, 232 marks out of 300
Silver medal winner : Mladena Markovic Galliver, Serbia, 229 marks out of 300
Bronze medal winner : Diana Mulebwaire, UK, 222 marks out of 300

Winners Paperwise:

Paper 1.1 (Preparing Financial Statements) prize is Rajiv Bahadur Shastri Seewochurn from Mauritius with a score of 97

Joint winners of the Paper 1.2 (Financial Information for Management) prize are Tatyana Chumakova from Kazakhstan and See Phek Hoon from Singapore, both with scores of 100

Winner of the Paper 1.3 (Managing People )prize is Wiss Rashid, Exeter, UK with a score of 96.

Winner of the Paper 2.1 (Information Systems) prize is Hamza Mahtab Rehman from Rawalpindi in Pakistan with a score of 98.

Winner of the Paper 2.2 (Corporate and Business Law) prize is Darshan Parikh, London with a score of 99.

Winner of the Paper 2.3 (Business Taxation) prize is Bethany Jackaman, Ipswich, UK with a score of 100.

Winner of the Paper 2.4 (Financial Management and Control) prize is Carla Lakey from Southampton, UK, with a score of 90.

Winner of the Paper 2.6 (Audit and Internal Review) prize, with a score of 90, is Katherine Lucas from Essex, UK.

Winner of the Paper 3.1 (Audit and Assurance Services) prize, with a score of 89, is Caroline Hadfield from Rochdale, UK.

Joint winners of the Paper 3.2 (Advanced Taxation) prize, with scores of 81, are Stephen Gahan from Waterford, Ireland, who works at Ernst & Young as an audit trainee, and Melanie Gilbert from Edgware, UK

The Paper 3.3 (Performance Management) winner, with a score of 93, is Chandresh Drona from Greenford, Middlesex, UK.

Winner of the Paper 3.4 (Business Information Management) prize, with a score of 89, is Liz Watts, Sarajevo.

Winner of the Paper 3.5 (Strategic Business Planning and Development) prize, with a score of 84, is Ameer Khanbhai from London, UK.

Winner of the Paper 3.6 (Advanced Corporate Reporting) prize, with a score of 87, is Mladena Markovic Galliver.

Winner of the Paper 3.7 (Strategic Financial Management)prize, with a score of 83, is John Crowley from Ireland.

Congrats for the winners and highest marks achievers.


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