Google Apps for small managements

Google... it has been innovating every time and I seemed to have fallen in love with their products. I am very keen to try out their 'beta' products and then decide which one is suitable. The latest one that impressed me is Google Apps and it seems to fit the bill for the small enterprises.

The best thing about Google Apps is

"Want simple, powerful communication and collaboration tools for your organization without the usual hassle and cost?"

The initiatives will helps primarily educational institutions, small businesses and personal groups who wants to network amongst themselves. These low cost solutions will help them to perform better.

Small and Medium sized Accounting firms usually rely on yahoo, gmail or hotmail for their internal and external communication. Their spending budget is not quite handsome. With google apps, they can spend Rs 495 to Rs 800 on domain name and then use the free Google Apps for all their employees. Track Meetings, Whereabouts of their employees and chat with their employees on Google Chat for those who are on travel.

I have been testing on my domain name and emails that I have created works pretty good. I have not redirected my url to google apps so far but created start up pages to test them. It looks good. I would probably use one of my domains for my family. So if you have a domain name registered, why not try Google Apps.

I found an article on the internet "Wrong About Google Apps" Read it.

Last but not the least, please share your thoughts, how best we can use the application for our education institutions and small businesses.


Santosh Puthran

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