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Most accountants are married to Microsoft Excel and most of them work out the way to link the sheets in the workbook how they will give them the perfect results. When I started in accountancy, the first spreadsheet software that I used was Lotus 1-2-3. Most of the functions was executed using @sum...... At that point of time it was the wonderful software. Then came Excel and it changed the entire accounting community.

Prior to MS Excel, Lotus was the market leader and they were quite certain that no one would every look for other spreadsheet solutions. At that time, you cannot open an excel document with lotus 123. Since everyone was using 1-2-3, some of them did not bother to use excel. In the ever changing world, how can you think that you can be a market leader forever and expect your customers to use the products what you produce.

I had worked on Lotus 123 Smartsuite which is a GUI version of lotus and it is pretty good. Some of the report tools were quite impressive. But.... there is a but factor. It is not as impressive as MS Excel.

The companies switched over from Lotus 123 to MS Office. As you know it has all the office applications for any office. Now the whole world uses it.

The question is whether there is any product in the market to displace it or is there a new way of working that will change accountant's habits in processing information. I have seen StarOffice and Open Office - free software. They are yet to catch up.

The only company to reckon is Google. They are developing Google Spreadsheet and Google Documents. They are targetting and changing habits for people to use online spreadsheet and documents. I looked at this application for collaborative working. The concept yet to catch on. Who could have thought 5 years years ago, you will have 1GB RAM. But now everything is possible.

I have started using Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Reader and many other products. Management Accountant blog is also on one of the applications of google. Today I download Google pack and it is good utility product. It has essential softwares and helps to keep the softwares updated.

Some of the google products that I use:

Google Mail - My personalised email is working from gmail.
Google Talk - Free pc-to-pc chat anywhere around the globe.
Google Calendar - Sharing my calendar and sms on my mobile as reminders
Google Reader - Update in the single browser from my favorite websites
Picasa - Sharing my photo album

I would also be exploring the potential of google documents and spreadsheet in collaborative working. As a Accountant and a professional, I feel, Google Pack software are of great help as it contains essential software. I would recommended you to down Firefox browser as it faster than Internet Explorer.

Click on the Google Pack banner at the top of the blog and download the applications you require.

Share your experience one of the application, how it helps you to keep up-to-date.


Santosh Puthran

PS: Share your thoughts whether google would be a threat to Microsoft's dominance.
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