Accounting Firm with ISO certification

As I was browsing our blog and then clicked on one of the Ads that was flickring at the bottom of the blog, I came across an accounting firm with ISO 9000 Quality Standards certification.

"ISO9000 Quality Standards Glazers were one of the first Accountancy practices in the UK to be accredited with ISO9001, the international standard for quality of service. The firm is continually reviewing and improving its commitment to clients and the services offered."

May be this is a trend in UK to follow quality standards. I am not aware that their accounting bodies have directed their practioners to make their firms ISO compliant.

Are there any audit firms in India to have ISO accredited ?

Another thing I noticed about Glazers , Chartered Accountants, was their partnership profile. Five partners are ACA and one of them is ACCA. In UK, the legislative requirement states that majority of the partners should be from one accounting body and they can form a partnership. In this case, it is Chartered Accountants firm. If the majority ie. > 50% are ACCAs and rest are CIMA or CA, then the firm will be a Chartered Certified Accountants. We do not have anything like this in India.

A firm comprising of CA and ICWA or all of them. There is no legal provision !!! So the public has to go to different firms for different purposes. Anyway, we are a nation of no choices... self inflicted. To the world... we are cheap... but to ourself we are expensive.


Santosh Puthran

PS: Try browsing some of the ads at the bottom of our blog... You may find something interesting. Also try it helps when you are doing a google search


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