Annual Accounts of company

Every year the companies publish there Annual Reports and send it their shareholders. Millions and millions copies are printed and sent over to the shareholders. Majority of copies remain unread and gets passed on to the recycle centres or bin.

These days, almost all the public limited companies are publishing their Annual Reports on the website which is accessed by the public. The pdf document are as good as reading the report on paper. There is a global initiatives to save trees. These annual reports are expense to the companies when they are publishing them on the website.

Most shareholders are interested in dividends. Almost all should have access to internet. I feel that companies should give a choice to the readers of financial statements whether they require a printed copy be sent to them or they want to visit the website and see the electronic copy. If 70% public opt for electronic version, then we would lot on paper and stop cutting of trees. Going green is now the moto.

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Santosh Puthran

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