Auditors refuse to certify companies’ tax payments - News item

09 May 2007 |

It is looks like a outsourcing strategy ie. a company outsources internal audit department to external firm. Do you feel it is good it would healthy for accounting profession that they certify tax returns submitted to the inland is correct ? Is the Inland Revenue failing to do what it ought to do ?

I picked this article submitted by SOUMEN DUTTA in CMA Yahoogroups.
We have too many rules in the India that expects the returns filed to Tax Authorities are to be certified by Accountants. Personal Tax Returns are not required to be file thru' Accounting Firms but people go through the accounting firms as they make their life easier.

Do you feel introducing Saral systems have not yet made our Tax returns Saral ?

Do you feel the Tax Authorities should have call centres to get closer to people !!! This happens in US/UK/Singapore.

Share your thoughts ...
Santosh Puthran

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