Looking back when I started posting in CMA community

I was checking in the yahoogroups, I posted my emails and articles. The first post I made to was to WIRC yahoogroup Msg 67 on May 20, 2007 and CMA India msg no 129 on June 13, 2000. Looking back it has been 7 years when I started posting in the group. The group increased from small numbers and progressed 500 members.

The ideas I had then about our ICWAI community still remains the same. "Progress Through Sharing". This was one of the theme in an article in CIMA magazine in year 1999. It is true in our professional life.

Then there has been steady increase in ICWAI yahoogroups... nicma, cma southindia and student yahoogroups. The largest one is cacwacslinks yahoogroups which has that has largest membership. The quality of discussion in this group is really good.

The question "Has the internet networking really helped us ? ". The credit of starting the ICWAI egroup goes to Mr. Ramesh Joshi. Networking helped us to know about each other. Some of them got jobs... cma_career yahoogroup.. The people whom I know changed their career from Accountancy to IT.

Some of the discussions in the yahoogroup related to internal matters between the office bearers of the institute. Many a time - nasty. But overall it helped to network cost accountants community. The groups really influenced the membership of institute. The group has yet to reach the target numbers of 40,000.

Some suggestions I had made:
  • Practising Members Online directory
  • Increasing the membership fees
  • Encouraging graduate members to go for associate membership.
  • The institute should focus on adding value on membership
Some things I like our institute to consider:
  • Take steps to encourage the employers to train our students. Similar to CIMA and ACCA who have Training through Partnership schemes. This will help ICWAI to start at the roots. Steadily our fratenity will gain momentum across the corporate hierarchy.
  • Fund our institute website adequately so that it would become knowledge repository for members to refer. Online CPD training should be available. This should be paid option.
  • Practising members directory should be enhanced and it should be mandatory for PCAs to have their website. The internet today is one of the best way to reach. This will help the public to reach the PCAs.
  • Job portal should be available on ICWAI website or should be outsourced to one of the leading portal. I remember the days when I visited the regional council office to see jobs list. Now it should all be available online. Win-Win situation for employers and members. Most of the jobs are never advertised in newspapers. This is one of the best way to do it.
  • Actively secure partnership with other accounting bodies and institute so that our membership qualification is recognised equivalent or gain maximum exemptions.
  • And my wish list continues.....
Couple of months back, that was discussion in cma_india yahoogroup and member had commented .... no one had replied to his question about some topic. He was correct that cost accountants are not proactive. Well he was correct for other members... and he never participated too !!!

Now looking forward.... we have still have same challenges. "Progress Through Networking". I tried using discussion boards or encouraging members into discussions. It had been challenging.
Then I looked at the technology whether anything is available to put it in one place and also spread the word across the world. Blog is one of the best thing to happen. You will notice that the Management Accountant Blog has finance news, jobs, sap jobs and many other updates. The readers who subscribe to feeds will always be updated to any new posts made on the blog.

My attempts is to network PCA members website through site ring. As of now, I am expecting first PCA to link their website. I am happy that RV has also been contributing to MA blog and also looking for more members to contribute to the blog.

There are more ideas... I would like your ideas on how network ourselves effectively.


Santosh Puthran
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