Site Ring for Practicing Cost Accountants in India

04 May 2007 |

I was doing a search on google on websites of practising cost accountants, the search did not reveal anything. It was quite suprising results in google did not reveal website of practising cost accountants.

Then I did a search on the name of cost accountant I know and then I could find their name in associations, company audit reports and other website. I was even more surprised to find when I did a search on icwai website - PCA search. Majority did not have email id and those who had were having yahoo, hotmail, sancharnet or some stupid id. Members complain that institute is not marketing but I do not find PCA marketing themselves either !!!. How many PCA firms are having website ?

One of my search revealed and people paying themselves to be listed. If practising members/firms pay to our institute and pursue the institute to maintain the PCA directory in a much better way, then they would be benefitted the most.

I have created a Site Ring (Link each others website and provides the list of website that are part of the list ) on the bottom of our Management Accountant blog for the benefit of Practising Members who are having working website. Once you join the ring, your website will be available on the list. A html code will be sent to you which you may request your web designer to add to your website. This will create a similar button on your website. I understand that it would create a "dog eat dog" situation where one practising member do not want the visitors to go other PCA firm website. But I will leave that choice with you.

I will monitor the site ring for 2 months to see whether our PCAs are interested to join site ring. If the response is encouraging, then the site ring will remain on the blog or else taken off.

From the statistics of our Management Accountant blog, I can see that the traffic has been growing on the blog. Further there are updates about Jobs, Finance News and other tit bits that have encouraged people to visit the blog. Moreover google is a powerful search engine and we can expect more the hits on the site.

So I would request our Practising Cost Accountants firm to Join the Site by adding their website to the ring.

Santosh Puthran

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