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17 June 2007 |

I was reading a message posted by Soumen Dutta in the CMA Yahoogroup about Job for Cost Accountant in Australia and wondered .... a few individuals can really make a difference to the entire community. The idea for anyone in network is to catch the right signal to steer their career.

I have posted a video of the Satellite Navigation system and how it works. It is a small demo, the destination is London Business School (not the entire route). I hope you see the entire video just to get a feel what goal setting is all about. When you instruct your satnav to navigate to post code NW1 4WA, no matter which turn you take, it will redirect you to the right destination. Just as a SatNav, you should always be geared to take charge of your career and put it on the path you decide.

Few key things to be on the right track:
  1. Right Skills: Gaining educational qualification is one thing but continuously updating your skills is what it is all about. You may be ICWAI or CA by qualification, but employers are looking for what have you done in last two years and gained over the years. You have to do a self skill assessment every two years and then realign yourself to your future goals.
  2. Volunteer for new responsibilities: In your work environment, volunteer to take new responsibilities. Initially there will be anxiety but as you go along your brain will start working to tackle new situtations. Your co-workers and superiors will take notice which will utimately shape your career progression.
  3. Attitude: Few years back, in one of the open discussions, one of our colleagues told our boss, "You have to promote me, to keep me motivated". Our boss replied, "Promotion is not given for motivation but it is given to those who are motivated." That nailed him... the boss was right. When you are at a position of Junior Accountant, work like a Senior Accountant.... just a step up and you will find yourself recommended for promotion. Find out what motivates you and keep doing it. Always be motivated.... Naturally or Artifically.
  4. Qualifications and paper work: Always keep your paperwork up-to-date if you want to work globally. Consider the case, you are accountant by qualification and you work in IT company. The next assignment is Singapore. You should always have a valid passport and an IT certification. I had run into problem as my visa was rejected then, since I did not have IT qualification and the visa authorities were not able to relate how an Accountant can work in IT without being qualified. Dumb people... They did not know that IT is not the domain area for programmers alone but also for Application Consultants and Business Analysts. Just like for a car, where you have engineers to build the car and drivers to drive them too. Anticipate and gather paperwork necessary for your job and never miss out on opportunities.
  5. Always Remain Up-to-Date: You should always make the information come to you rather than chasing for it whenever you need it. And then decide whether you want to read it or ignore it. In my earlier post, I have mentioned about iGoogle and how it would help you. You may follow that or decide on how want to be in touch with the latest happenings. You may subscribe to feed from leading newspapers, jobsites, accounting bodies, management articles and act on it whenever required. You may also notice ads on the blogs since they have been put up keeping in mind the target user groups. So whenever you see a relevant one, click it... something useful will work out for you. More important... be networked.
  6. Job Interview and Tackling HR: After someone interviews and confirm technically that you are suitable for the job, it is a nightmare to go through the HR round of the interview. In my opinion, they are the stupidest people in the company and they justify their presence just by asking life threatening questions. Click here for few tips. If you go to a Shiva Temple, you will always have to bow to Nandi, the bull first. To get a job, you will always have to go through the HR people. You cannot avoid them and companies cannot dispense them. So tackle them.
  7. Mobility: As you climb up the ladder, you will always find that there is less and less room on the top. You should consider mobility as an option to move up in your career ladder. For e.g. if you are living in Mumbai, you may consider a good opportunity in Hyderabad, Pune or Sydney. Make your choices where you want to live. I would prefer to work in Hyderabad or Singapore as opposed to Dubai. In Hyderabad/Singapore, you will have career progression, a good work culture as opposed to Dubai where you will be another cog in the machinery and no personal life. Make your choices of places you want to work and strike the right balance between work and family life.
  8. Money or Work: Money is important... but work is important too. Your growth will be decided not only by the quality of work you do but also how by much income tax you pay. Higher the tax you pay.... you may consider yourself on the right track.
Share your thoughts and comments.


Santosh Puthran

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