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I have been exploring ways how to enhance the value of MA blog to readers. You may have noticed that there are changes on the layout and contents of the blog. I receive feedback from the readers by email and I try to incorporate those keeping in mind that they benefit the readers in general. Similarly RV posts good articles on Accountancy and happenings around the world.

Each time you visit MA blog, you will find updates on

You will also notice as you do a page down on the blog, there are news updates from Financial Times, UK, Economic Times & Financial Express so you get the best diet in Finance & Accounting.

I thought of removing Finance Jobs from the contents several times as I feel that you may be keeping track of it anyway through your own sources. But then I felt that it should remain on the blog to make it look complete. However if you feel that they occupy space, you may comment on the blog.

As a rule, when you start doing something, you start to learn new things and new ways of doing it. I noticed a website that provides video feeds for the website and I incorporated on the MA blog. One of the best thing is that they show a demo of "How the Stuff Works". For those readers, who are inquisitive about it, should play the videos which is at the bottom of the MA blog.

One of the motto of MA blog is "Help Us to Help You". Please provide your comments wherever necessary and we will make it a point to meet upto your expectations and make positive contributions to our profession.


Santosh Puthran

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PS: A letter written by President & Chairman - Committee for Change of Name of the ICWAI Institute to Honorable Minister of Corporate Affairs on July 1, 2007 highlights two points

  1. changing name of our Institute to “The Indian Institute of Cost & Management Accountants” and
  2. deleting the word “CHARTERED” from the name of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
The first request for name change of ICWAI has been outstanding for long time and the second request for change in name of ICAI has just begun. - Blogging Helps !!!

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