Instant messenging at workplace

In last century when the telephone was introduced in the workplace, people were sceptical of the real use of the invention. Old timers considered it a nuisance when they felt they can walk around and talk to people face to face. And now, imagine your office without a telephone !!!... I guess it must be beyond your imagination to consider not having one.

Now in this century, it is Instant Messaging and Net Meeting on your desktops. Some employers feel that Instant Messenger (IM) will make their employees to avoid work and for employees, it may be a intrusion of privacy. I feel that is one the best thing to happen at workplace to communicate on real time and save the cost to the business when communicating with people who are spread across the globe.

Most of the IM are freely downloadable and installed on your desktop. The IMs that will more popular will be those which you can use it on Internet browser.

Yahoo Messenger

Or you can have it on your website. Google Talk

Another good thing happened is talking on internet. You can talk on Yahoo Messenger or Google Talk or MSN Messenger or Skype pc-to-pc free of cost across the globe. You can talk for hours together without even billed for telephone charges. The video chat helps you to see other person. The internet cost is fraction of cost compared to telephone costs.

Most of the IT companies have official IM for communication. And the communication/approvals made on IM is considered official. Net Meeting is one of the best software in the marketplace and MSN messenger also has the feature to share desktops. You can have net conference with people sitting across the different geographical areas. This helps to get communication across with fraction of costs.

If you are accountancy firm or a business are you ready for Instant Messaging. Don't worry about employees misusing IM.... same happens for telephone lines.... The best you do is to get more business... provide more work to employees and make them use the IM for your business.


Santosh Puthran

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