How to Study ? Query from a ICWAI student

I received a distress email from a ICWAI student:


"Actually this June'2007. I appeared in Stage-3. But, could not cleared as i run short of the aggregate. My total was 170 Marks out of 400. I m planning and already started my preparation for both the stages. The main problem that i m facing is that i m not able to understand the portion of Valuation Management & Management Accounting Strategic Management. I m not at all getting the material for the same. I m pretty much tensioned. Pl. help me."

My Suggestion was:

When I was appearing for ICWAI exams, I used to refer to lot of books. Got confused and then did not pass the examination.

Then I bought the institute study notes (which is around 200 pages) for each subject. It explained all the concepts about the subjects, referred previous examination question/answers and then went to the examination. I passed.

So do not get tensed. If i were you, I would study from institute study notes as my primary reference point.

Does anyone has different ideas.... how to study.... please share.


Santosh Puthran

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