Opportunities Abroad

The job market has become global and people with right skills are always sought after. Management Accountants across the world are in the business as financial controllers, accountants, directors or IT consultants.

When you are looking to work abroad, there are number factors you consider:

  1. Quality, skills and Level of Job
  2. Compensation
  3. Country where you want to relocate
  4. Complementary factors like education of your children, security ie. law and order etc
  5. Culture and acceptance of foreigners in the workforce.
In 1980s - 2000, the most common place to work was Middle-East since there was ample opportunities and money as opposed to opportunities in the country of origin. Things have moved on since then as working opportunities exists across the developed countries.

As a Management Accountant, you should prepare your own Profit & Loss & Balance Sheet of your career and revise your targets every two years. The reason for writing the blog was to channel your thoughts to look in Permanent Residency available in the country where you want to work for a long time. Read More on PR

When you get a telephone call to work overseas, you should consider looking whether there are permanent residency options available in that country and then figure out how you can get it. You will be better of as a permanent resident when you live and work abroad - your chances to switch jobs when you don't like one.


Santosh Puthran

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