Six Sigma for Mumbai's Dabawalas

I had posted from one of the leading magazine/sites about the Mumbai Dabawalas in discussion board. Read More. Their efficiencies is one the most recognised in the world.

Dheeraj had sent me a message on the discussion board

Answer the following question of the Six Sigma Mumbai Tiffinwallas case study for 1-2 pages...

  1. Discuss Value work involved in Mumbai Tiffinwallas
  2. What are entrepreneurial qualities of 5000 tiffinwallas?
  3. How Tiffinwallas got fame as Six Sigma level service providers?
I tried to search for any case study on the net and finally found one that should answer some the of the questions raised. Read More

Personally I have never availed their services. But when you see them in morning managing the tiffins in the Mumbai trains, you will be amazed with the skills they display.


Santosh Puthran

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