ICAEW launches new group in response to increasing demand for non executive directors

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) has launched a new special interest group to support non-executive directors.

Demand for, and expectations of, non-executive directors is growing. They have an increasingly important role to play, with responsibility for corporate governance and providing strategic advice for organisations in every sector. Click here to read more

I believe that ICAEW focus is very strategic. Being one of the top accounting body in UK, their members are placed at high places given the fact there are 4 other sister accounting bodies.

As you may read from the article “This new group will train and support members so that they are able to work effectively as non-executive directors to challenge decisions, provide strategic advice and contribute to the success of their organisation.”

Being Management Accountants, I believe we should network ourselves effectively and share knowledge and opportunities. Read how Lion's Club expanded.


Santosh Puthran
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