Stumbled upon - Chartered video

Recently ICAI, India had launched a video campaign to promote the qualification and get students. I stumbled upon the ads of Chartered Accountants Australia. Sharing the ad on the blog.

Then I stumbled on another ad from ICAI, Ireland. Themes look similar.

I was trying to find the commercial of our very own so called "Chartered" body but could not find it. Can someone find it on the internet. Let's see how they compare with - which qualification is more desirable.

Last but not the least... it is summarised quite well on Accountancy Ireland

Why do professional accountancy bodies advertise?

The answer is relatively simple: one of the features that distinguishes the accountancy profession from other professions is the level of competition that operates within the sector. While other professions have been the subject of examination of late by the Competition Authority, the accountancy profession has not featured. This is hardly surprising: there are now nine prescribed (not proscribed!) bodies under Irish Company Law regulated by the Irish Auditing and Accounting Supervisory Authority. The accounting environment is entirely different to that operating in the legal profession. Therefore there is a need for the different professional bodies to set out their distinct characteristics and to promote their particular brand of accountancy. The ultimate measure of the success and viability of any professional body is its success in securing member satisfaction and recruiting future potential members as students. These bodies are obviously also competing against other business qualifications.


Santosh Puthran

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PS: At Last the 1948 Show - Chartered Accountant Dance

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