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I was looking around on the internet for VOIP phones which has dual functionality i.e. you can receive/make the normal land line calls as well as skype or google talk to reduce my telephone bill. So far the best phone I found is Panasonic KX TG9000 Dual VoIP DECT Phone.

The review reads " It is a dual VoIP and DECT landline phone that works with Skype, you can use this phone to call other Skype users free with no charges what so ever other than buying the phone. It will work in the same way as other Skype DECT phones and will automatically route your calls accordingly like if you ring through skype its free and you can also use this phone to ring landlines."

Amazing isn't it.

How do I bring my telephone costs down and at the same time talk more without geographical limits ? The probable solution is VOIP and a reliable broadband service provider.

The broadband should be switched on the whole day.... and connected to the VoIP phone. Some products I found are quite good. Check out the prices of these products in your local area

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