Best Companies to work in India 2007

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I have picked up the article from where they have given a list of Top 10 companies to work in India. Majority of the companies are IT companies and traditional companies like TATA, Birlas, Reliance does not fit into the role.

The report suggests, "The selection process involves assessment of the company on four quadrants - Employee Perception and Satisfaction, HR process robustness, HR metrics and Stakeholder feedback which involves seeking the views of the labor market representatives and business community of the company’s perceived people management focus. The data gathered on four quadrants is evaluated and clearly defined parameter weightages are used to determine a company score."

I would request readers of MA blog to vote on poll which they consider to be the best company to work with. Please comment on whether the survey done by the leading magazines give a true picture of the company whether they are best one to work for.

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Santosh Puthran

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