Mahape Where on the earth this place is

I had been reviewing the visitors of MA blog and there were visitors from place called "Mahape". I was surprised to see the result since they have been a regular visitors to MA blog. I wondered where this place and on search it is in Navi Mumbai, India.

On Wikipedia, "Mahape or Mohope is a suburb of Navi Mumbai, India. It is also the name of a railway station on new Panvel - Karjat section of the Mumbai Suburban Railway, between Panvel and Khopoli."

As a inquisitive visitor, I searched on google and the results were very astonishing. Leading companies in India have their offices in this place. Although, Mahape is a suburb of Navi Mumbai, how did the residents of Mahape did not write anything on wikipedia.

"Business without advertising is winking a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but the girl doesn't." Even though Mahape has lot of credentials but unless you go ahead and search for this place, you will never know about.

It is partly true with Cost & Management Accountancy profession. Management Accountants play crucial role in the organisation and economy, the general public always wink when you say, " I am a Management Accountant". So MA's - Advertise your profession well.

For the visitors of Mahape who are regulars on MA blog, I would request you to write about Mahape on Wikipedia. The more your explain about Mahape with writings and pictures, the more opportunities you create for yourselves. Otherwise remember the phrase, "Business without advertising.....".


Santosh Puthran

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