Knock, Knock - Opportunity

Knock, Knock. Who's there? Oppurtunity!! Can't be. Why Not? Bcoz Opportunity knocks only once.

I had a good laugh when I watched this video.

The lady tells, "If you type google into the google, you can break the internet."

Type google into google and you will notice the results on the right hand corner 1800 million hits. This indicates that the word google is on 1800 million websites.

Now try search your name on google. E.g "Santosh Puthran" and check whether you are visible on any websites. If there too many people with your name, the try "Your Name " Cost Accountant. Check the results and determine whether the results help you professionally.

So if you do not find yourself on google search, then it is time to be active on the web to promote yourself professionally:

  1. Create your profile on and connect with your colleagues and ex-colleagues who will help you to recommended.
  2. Participate in discussions of your accounting body both virtually (yahoogroups or discussion board) and physically in seminars / meetings. This will help to promote your presence.
  3. Social Networking sites like , and are very good. Find good topics for discussions and share it in the professional community.
  4. Start Blogging on what you specialise. Blogger and Wordpress are one of the best sites. Or if you are a practising firm, please maintain an up-to-date website.
The best things in the world are free on the internet. So why not use them to promote professionally.

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