Now Company Secretaries want to be known as "Chartered"

Recent interview of Preeti Malhotra, President, Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) in Business Standard.

To the question "Why are you seeking a name change of the institute?"

In the changing international context, our members are destined to play a much larger role in public practice as well as in service.

The executive council of the institute decided that to reflect the ICSI’s changing agenda and image, it should change its name to “The Institute of Chartered Secretaries of India”.

This will also eliminate the dichotomy between its brand name “chartered secretary” propagated through its corporate journal and its formal name The Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

I wonder changing the name by affixing the word "Chartered" would enhance the brand image, then India has around 50 specialised institutions who should not be discriminated. See GOI directory for list of specialised institutions. Presently there is only one institute formed under Act of Parliament of Republic of India that has the word "Chartered" in its name. And now there is another chasing for it.

I would like to know, how IIMs and IITs react to the name change. Whether they will also like to be known with the word "Chartered".

I feel ICWAI has the right approach pursuing the name change to "Indian Institute of Cost & Management Accountants".

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