Stumbled upon Practising Cost Accountants Directory

I have been stumbling lot of accountancy websites today. Then I stumbled upon the online practising members of ICWAI directory and provided a review.

The stumbleupon link is

I would request you to provide your review on the above link. The more the reviews on the link above, the search engines will bring up the results for practising accountants in India. (Stumbleupon is very powerful tool.) In few days, practising accountants will notice increase in telephone calls or emails for new assignments.

The online directory should include following details for the benefit of practising members:
  1. Contact telephone number should always be +Country code + STD + Local number: If anyone calls from abroad, he/she should have ready access to your telephone number.
  2. Website: A column should be added to include website of practising members. Our institute has guidelines for maintaining the website. Website is a window for prospective clients to know about your firm. It does not cost much. Why not maintain one ?
  3. Email ids: Please dump your, or as your email ids. It looks unprofessional. You email should represent you. Decide which email looks professional - or ?
  4. Locate on the Map: This is quite useful when prospective clients want to meet you. Locate ICWAI, HQ
Practising Cost Accountants in India, please update your information on the online directory. Opportunities will be knocking at your doors.

I stumbled on the following websites too. Please write your reviews on the links below:

ICWAI on Wikipedia:

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Santosh Puthran
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