When will cycle rickshaw stop in India

I read somewhere

"Too many choices, too little time,
Who's gonna change the system.
If I don't do it, someone else will.
Time is money, both add up!
Business is civilized warfare!
Go for the kill! After all we are capitalists!
The end justifies the means."

I stumbledupon on the video, "Only in India" and was relating the passage above.

I worked in one of the top IT companies and was based in Noida. The city is well known for reputed IT companies.

When you look at Noida roads, you will see all soughts of vehicles plying on the road. I was appalled to see Cycle Rickshaw on the roads given the fact Noida is IT hub and not a remote village in UP.

The question that came to my mind, "How will you eliminate Cycle Rickshaw from Noida ?" The solution very simple.... but difficult to implement. What is alternate employment opportunities for Cycle Rickshaw puller and who will fund them ? Any thoughts .... how to find a solution ? please share them....

Another thing I noticed in Noida one foot high footpath along the road. So when you cross the zebra crossing, you have to climb the footpath !!!

The funniest was " Yahaan per Thanda beer milta hai" - You get cold beer here.


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