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Yesterday I was browsing Management Accountants on Spock to know whether there any celebrity accountant in the list. I found Mr. Praveen Kadle, Managing Director of Tata Capital Ltd, a newly formed company of Tata Group.

Tata Capital, undertakes a host of financial activities like capital market services, merchant banking, housing finance, private equity, and vehicle and retail finance. That covers virtually everything in the financial domain of the Tatas - except Tata AIG Insurance, Tata Asset Management Co and Tata Investment Corporation.

Mr. Praveen Kadle, 48, as on 12-Dec-07 had following

Currently a director of Concorde Motors Limited, Sheba Properties Limited, Tata Cummins Limited, Tata Holset Limited, Tata Motors Limited, Tata Services Limited, Tata Technologies Limited and Telco Construction Equipment Co. Ltd. In the past five years, he also has been a director of, Concorde Motors (India) Limited, HV Axles Limited, HV Transmissions Limited, TAL Manufacturing Solutions Limited (formerly Telco Automation Limited), Tata Finance Limited, Tata Share Registry Limited and Telco Dadajee Dhackjee Limited.

Education: Bachelors of Commerce, Cost Accountant, Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary.

Best CFO of the Year 2004 awarded by IMA for excellence in Cost Optimisation.
Best CFO of the Year 2005 awarded by Business Today

I met Mr. Praveen Kadle once when the Top Management of the Tata Motors had come on the Go-Live of SAP 4.6C implementation in year 2003 at Pune. He congratulated everyone involved in the implementation and business for success of the project.

Some of my colleagues had not seen Mr. Kadle before, so I asked few of them to identify who is Mr. Kadle. Most of them pointed to the tall guy on the podium. They were surprised when Mr. Kadle spoke, only to find out he is just over 5' 2" feet.

Height does not matter.... it is the deeds.


Santosh Puthran

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