Cultivating a cool career in blogging and social networking

I have been reading the book "Cultivating a cool career - 52 brilliant ideas for reaching the Top" by Ken Langdon. It is very well written book with 52 brilliant ideas on how to progress in your career.

Are some of Ken Langdon's ideas relevant in blogging and social networking? Lets find out ...

Idea 1: Face it, you are you and they are them

Take a positive, practical and sceptical attitude to your professional network. Don't expect everyone in the network to notice you unless you start demonstrating that you have something better to offer them. Focus your blog on a niche area.

Idea 3: Make good suggestions loudly

At any point in the chaos, an opportunity can arise for you to make a sensible suggestion. You should actively seek them out and grab such opportunities. Read newspapers or internet articles that affect your profession. Send a reply with a copy on your blog.

Idea 12: Please Sir, can I have some more

To look for avenues to generate income is one of the key factors that motivate blogging and social networking. The more you start focussing on it, I bet, you will have a lot to learn from it. Look for the ways to monetise your blog and widen your social network. Warning: It is infectious !!!

Idea 13: Go on, give them a shock

Your network may consist of people who are working in different levels in organisations. As part of your campaign to gain high exposure, take any opportunity you can to introduce new information. If you surprise your network with new things, your blog will gain a dedicated readership.

Idea 14: Send an inside salesperson

Your blog is a selling document and the product it is selling is YOU.

Idea 26: What goes around comes around

Most people start networking when they are unhappy with their career. Too late! Put your network consisting of contacts to work at all times. You never know when someone you used to know comes around again.

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Idea 40: Be a dedicated follower of fashion

There is a delicate balance. So look around! What is the current trend relevant to your network?Start blogging on the topics of interest and current events.

Idea 46: Of course it's risky

You may wonder, if I start a blog whether I will have a time to continue writing. Or whether I will have sufficient readers to my blog. Element of risk....but if something is not risky... where is the challenge and fun ?!!

The End ..... Or is it a new beginning ?

The book has 52 brilliant ideas to boost your career. I recommend you to read it and please do share your views with me.

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