The other P in CPD

CPD in February? Well, why not? The 2007 declarations are out of the way. You are on the home stretch deadline-wise. It might be time to start reminding yourself of your tentative CPD plans for the year. But have you asked yourself recently, what exactly is it? CPD, that is. Take the DTI’s description: ‘CPD is defined as the holistic commitment to structured skills enhancement and personal or professional competence’.

Did you know that? CPD encompasses personal development too. Ah, but we’re accountants, we have our own professional definition and guidance, I hear you retort. But guess what? There are two Ps in our CPD too. Anything from negotiation skills and personal effectiveness to learning Spanish could be classed as CPD. OK I may be teaching grandma to suck eggs here but I’ll wager that there are quite a few of us still stuck in ‘technical’ CPD mode. So let me explain.

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