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RSS survey suggests that one of the most popular articles read on the internet is "The World's Billionaires" on Forbes Magazine. Most of the billionaires surprisingly are self-made. The quickest ones to climb the billionaire's ladder are Larry Page and Sergy Brin - the founders of search engine "Google". Both of them have common marital status : "Single" !!! with a net worth of $ 16.6 billion. (Forbes 2007).

I compiled the statistics of the billionaires from India and China:

India : 30 billionaires with a total net worth of $ 152.30 billion.
China :38 billionaires with a total net worth of $ 140.20 billion.

Click here for details.

When you read the educational profiles of the billionaires, they are self made or from Engineering background. Does it mean Accountants are not successful in the business ? Or whether accountants are better in supporting somebody's business? Does studying Accountancy make us follow "Conservative Approach"?

What do you think, you would like to become ? Do you think of owning a company .... boss of everyone .... second to no one. Or do you own a company ?

Share your thoughts "Can Accountants be successful entrepreneurs ?"

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