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I missed to watch the episode "The Apprentice" last Wednesday and I was checking on the when you would be the repeat telecast. The repeat telecast scheduled on Saturday at 11:40 pm . Today is Sunday.... I missed it also. When I was search on the BBC website, I came across BBC iPlayer.

It says, "Making the unmissable, unmissable". Woh. I was able to watch the entire episode on the internet.

Quick lesson from the experience:
  • BBC will retain its customer
  • BBC encourages its customer to try out new experience and technology
  • BBC sells its programs through another medium i.e. internet and explores the opportunities to grow its viewership base.
  • BBC initiatives will drive its competitors to innovate or they will perish.

    Prairie Air Show
Source: Prairie Air Show

You may ask yourself similar questions
  • Do I keep in tune with the latest technology and influence people at my workplace.
  • Do I use my Office Applications like Excel, Word or Access to the full. Do i query Office Help to find answers and improve productivity.
  • Do I go in search of knowledge or let them come to me. Do I use RSS feeds. The more information comes to you, it will trigger an impulse in you to search for better way of doing it. Try iGoogle to organise.
  • Do I keep myself updated about my whereabouts or let others know where am I. Do I use Calendar Application on your MS Office or Lotus Notes. Do iI share it. You must schedule meeting in the workplace using calendar application and encourage everyone to do so. For personal purpose, use Yahoo or Google.
  • Do I update my address book and sync it with MS Outlook. Use Plaxo and encourage others to do so. You will always be up-to-date.
  • Check out for collaborative technologies Google Sites, Portal at your workplace, Web 2.0 Wiki, and Discussion Forums that will help you enhance yourself. Check whether you have Instant Messenger at your workplace.
  • The world is moving towards internet. Every application is internet compliant. Do you have a skype, yahoo or google talk account and network with other professional. Use a mobile phone that is wi-fi enabled. Anyone, anywhere in this world, should be able to get in touch with you... free of cost.
As a accounting professional, use the technology to pull people towards you. Then you will always find yourself busy, professionally more active and enjoy more holidays at exotic places than ever before.

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