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You have been reading Management Accountant Blog and receiving updates via email or RSS feeds. Have you looked at the options of sharing the posts to your friends or professionals in Accountancy. This would make the Management Accountant Blog richer and interactive when people start to discuss articles, give opinions and view points.

Here are few tips how you can share the articles of Management Accountant Blog with your friends
  1. ShareThis ShareThis. On the footer of every post, there is an icon ShareThis, that helps you share the post with your friends by email or recommend it to social network sites like Digg, stumbleupon, technorati, myspace and many more. The add-on makes your life easy in sharing the posts.
  2. SezWho: Your rating on the blog will definitely help me to improve the contents on the blog. Moreover, if you are a blogger or website owner, you should install sezwho add-on your website. To demonstrate hover the cursor on check me out in this post below. You notice the posts and comments of the commentor. The more you rate posts, more people are going to know about you.
  3. Stumbleupon: Stumbleupon addons on your browser lets you share informative and interesting website you stumbleupon with your friends by click. Similarly updates from your friends are visible to you. Firefox AddonsWhenever I get bored and have nothing to do, then I start clicking on photo and video icons on the tool bar. I must admit, it shows me the best photos and videos people have stumbleupon across the world. Add me as your friend on and share Management Accountant post with your friends.
  4. Digg: This website has most number of users who are actively "Digging". They are interesting, informative and funny. DiggYou can customise your Home Page to your preferences and read the popular sections. Click here for Firefox Addon. Add me as your friend on
I have consolidated the feeds that I regularly visit to updates myself to the latest happenings for the benefit of the readers:

RSS Feeds to keep you alive and up-to-date
  1. Management Accountant
  2. Accountancy News
  3. My Favorite Blogs that I track
When you click on the above links, you have the options to subscribe to it by email, google reader or my yahoo or any front page reader you use. This will help you remain up-to-date with accountancy, technology and sap jobs. I will update the feeds with more websites / blogs for the benefit of Management Accountant readers.

Last but not the least, I would request you to provide a feedback about the Management Accountant Blog on this link. Click here.

Keep rating and commenting. Enjoy reading the Management Accountant Blog.


Santosh Puthran

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