It is getting better and better and better

I was listening to "Steve Jobs Macworld 2008 Keynote in 60 Seconds" and he emphasised how his company and products are getting better and better and better.

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The questions we can ask ourselves
  • Does the technology drive us to buy ? or
  • Do we upgrade our gadgets just for the sake of upgrade ? or
  • Do we analyse or get Return on Investments on the gadgets we buy ?
  • Does buying of new mobile phone drive us to buy us a new pc ?
To demonstrate an example, latest mobile phones have MP3 player, Camera, GPS, Wifi, Games, Radio, Calendar, Contacts, Blue Tooth and much more. How much of it do you actually use ? The mobile phone comes with a fantastic price and you want to spend on a new one annually !!!

Q: When did you last change your landline phone ?
The world is moving towards internet. Yahoo, Google or MSN provides all the services on the internet. So if you have a phone with an inexpensive internet connection, you can manage everything. The current mobile phone is no good for good photography or with GPS you may get lost on the road since the primary use of phones are to make calls.

So if you can manage your calls, calendar, games, browse internet, use skype or any other instant messenger.... you will get much more return on investment from your phone.

I reckon following phones or similar ones are value for money
Have you exchanged your business card with a prospective client using blue tooth of your mobile phone. The advantage is your contact information like phone number, email and website is always handy with the recipient and there are high chances he contacts you to do business.

Next time when you decide on buying mobile.... check with you mobile operator for internet. And check whether you can get better and better and better in an economical way.

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