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18 May 2008 |

I found the website as I was browsing As I read about sezwho, I realised that this is website had perfect add-on to blend with the blog for readers to rate the contents. Rating and commenting on individual posts by readers of MA blog will help me to improve the contents of the blog and tune it for readers requirements.

What is SezWho ?

SezWho enables content ratings, universal contributor profiles, and reputation-weighted content discovery to be added to blogs, forums, message boards, user reviews, or any other place where readers and contributors interact. SezWho works with most social media platforms and it does not replace the site.s comment system or host any site content.

Readers can discover relevant and credible content, contributors gain a web-wide recognition for their efforts, and site owners can drive traffic while engaging their community.

I would request the readers of Management Accountant blog to comment on the posts and rate them. Your feedback will help me to enhance and improve the blog contents which in turn will benefit everyone of us. Moreover I will recommend sezwho add for your blog, if you are also blogging.


Santosh Puthran

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