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08 June 2008 |

I was on instant chat with Murthy on various topics on Internet and social networking.

Murthy, from Rajamundry, India, is an expert on these Bookseller, Publisher, BOTB Indexer, Consultant in Office and Personal productivity tools specializing in Virtual Working. Founder of Project Vyas through which he is trying to teach people of all walks of life to use Internet for their personal and professional use. He is also part of Citizenship program proposed by Jaycees to teach Internet to ten million people over a period of time.

He suggested me to use all in one Instant Messaging Client Digsby. It is a small application that has to be downloaded on your pc and it helps you combine the chat accounts like MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, Jabber, Facebook and ICQ in a single window. You don't have to open multiple applications to chat with friends in yahoo, msn, facebook and other accounts. Click here to know more about the features. It is really awesome !!!

I would recommend you download the application if you are using multiple accounts and want to save time.

The readers and subscribers of Management Accountant Blog have been steadily increasing and objective of the blog is to promote interaction among the members. I have been getting emails from many readers who have accounting or consulting firms but they do not have their own website or a profile on the internet. I feel they would be losing on opportunities of people contacting them for their expertise.

Facebook: I am toying with the idea that the subscribers of the Management Accountant Blog should have their profile on Facebook and this will help us to know each other better.

Facebook is currently one of the most popular social networking platform to connect with people. There are other professional sites are Linkedin which allows you to connect with people you know and Spock to consolidate your web presence. The objective is that everyone should benefit from social networking in terms of business and employment with no extra costs.

I would request you to open an account in Facebook and start networking with your friends and colleagues. Also download Digsby to consolidate your IM accounts. I would love to hear your experiences on both the platforms.


Santosh Puthran

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