Who will be a better Accountant - Shahrukh Khan or Aamir Khan ?

Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan are two famous personalities in Bollywood. Both are equally successful and have a huge fan following. It depends upon what you consider success? Is it female fan following or fame or money. Never mind !!!

I am looking at the traits each one has. Then let you decide who will be a better accountant. Please use your imagination which one is more suitable to be a successful management accountant.

Shahrukh Khan

  • Mostly acts in movies that have contemporary themes.
  • Mostly works with a same set of people and makes movies with them and repeats the success.
  • He has a good PR and he tours around the world. All the tours are well publicized giving the details of what he eats, whom he meets and when he goes to sleep. This makes him known and people are interested in his next movie release.
  • He is approachable and gives frequent interview on TVs.
  • He started as a TV star. Sometimes he host TV quiz shows.
  • People know him very well since he acts in TV commercials. He makes good use of TV as a medium to maintain his popularity.
  • Sometimes experiments with movies with a different story and that gets him noticed.
  • Dances very well and challenges anyone to dance with him.


Aamir Khan

  • Some say he is a tough guy and he goes into minute details during movie making.
  • His movies are innovative, different, story oriented and at the same time convey social theme. More focused on reality.
  • He does not socialize and hates interviews.
  • He prefers that his work talks for himself rather than him.
  • He does not believe in awards like Filmfare but attempts for Oscars.
  • He can dance very well in movies but he does not tour or dance in shows. So general public do not know whether he is interesting or boring.
  • He makes few movies but they are blockbusters.
  • He always gives opportunities to new people in his movies and repeats his success with new set of people.

Aamir and Sharukh Khan are successful personalities in Bollywood. To summarise the traits above are leadership style, team management, self promotion, work and standards/ethics. Both the actors are successful using these traits to a different degree.

Please vote on who will be a successful accountant in a corporate environment depending on the traits they display.

I would like you to use your own imagination in making your choices and also add comments on the blog post. Looking forward to see your vote and comments.

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Santosh Puthran

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