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12 July 2008 |


The Management Accountant Job Board is where finance or Management Accounting professionals are looking for jobs and companies looking for finance professionals to hire meet.

If you're looking to hire a finance or management accounting professional the Management Accountant Job Board is a place to find them.

Why Management Accountant Job Board

Subscriber Base

All the subscribers of Management Accountant Blog are subscribers to Management Accountant Job Board by RSS feeds. They are notified instantly when your advertisement is placed. Your job post has a potential to be forwarded to own networks of subscribers. The subscribers are working with leading companies and at various levels in finance and management accounting function.

Current subscribers

and the numbers have been consistently growing.

Website Hits

The jobs are displayed on the Management Accountant Blog. The site has around 1000 hits every week. The potential of your jobs being visible are quite high with the targeted visitors.

What Can You Advertise for?

The most obvious use for our job boards is to look for finance professionals viz finance managers, accountants, financial controllers, cost accountant or management accountant at all levels in an organization on an ongoing basis - however advertisers have also used it to great effect in other ways including:

to find SAP FICO professionals
to find Oracle Finance Professionals

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If you are looking for finance or management accounting professional, place your ad today


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