Kick Start your career with Linkedin

I read the article on the Computer Weekly "Execs use social networking to climb career ladder" by Rebacca Thompson.

A survey of 500 senior executives shows professional social networking sites are set to rival executive job boards as a way of finding new career opportunities.

Some 90% of respondents said they were registered on sites such as LinkedIn, compared with just 50% posting their CV on a job board.

This is quite true. You register your profile on linkedin and start networking with your colleagues. You make yourself visible to your network. Similarly you will instantly know about any change in the profile of your network.

Linkedin competes with Ryze, XING, Plaxo, Yahoo! Kickstart and, the social networking site Facebook, among others. However, LinkedIn is centred on helping its users to capitalise on their business contacts, and features searching capabilities that allow users to find jobs, contacts and answers to business queries.

I am fan of the job site monster since the quality of jobs as well as head-hunters are quite good. If you are looking for jobs outside your company then it would be a good idea to login to monster every day. You will notice head-hunters calling you up.

The other tip to move internally in your organisation is to check out resignations in your company. Just give a call to the line manager of the person who has resigned and ask him/her whether that role is available. The line manager will be pleased to take action quickly, if you are right person for the job.

So networking internally or externally helps.

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Santosh Puthran

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