Chrome A new starter

Rumors were put to rest when the Google launched its new browser "Chrome". The beta version claims

"Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier."

Most of the products that google launches are in beta and they allow the public to test their products till they finally graduate. Gmail which was launched in 2004 is still at beta stage !!!


The new starter Chrome is a new starter in the browser market which is largely dominated by Internet Explorer. Firefox is becoming a popular open source and has made a dent in the market. With "Enter the Chrome" will the browser users be split in three or one of the browser is going to die.

In my earlier post, "How does Firefox make money ?", I found that Firefox makes money from Google Search and other affiliate programs. So if there is shift by users to Chrome browser then it would ultimately affect funding of Firefox. This could jeopardize the development efforts of Firefox - an open source browser - since the competitor is google who has now its own browser.


Firefox 3 had over 8 million download in a single day and it has set a world record. It would interesting to see whether google publishes the number of downloads of Chrome browser. This would be indication which way the wind would blow.

Personally I would prefer to use Firefox now and use Chrome for casual browsing. The download size of Chrome is 475kb as opposed to Firefox (7.8mb) and Opera (9 mb). So I am not sure whether it is a secured browser for transacting on the Internet.

Anyway, welcome aboard "New Starter - Chrome". Your induction in the market is welcomed.

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