Did you google yourself - Tip to make your linkedin profile known

Did you google yourself ? This is question which a professional person ask. The first thing the head hunters  do when they hear your name or someone recommends your name, they search it on google. I was quite surprised when one of my colleague with whom I was working10 years ago called me up and told me you are everywhere on google.

Google places a high level of importance for people search to those who are registered on Linkedin and Facebook.  You can search your name on google and you should see your Linkedin account on the search results.

A couple of days ago, I had written a step by step approach on how to book your domain name yourself. I feel every accounting or IT professional should have a domain name. Then they can redirect the domain name to their Linkedin or Facebook profiles.

Three simple steps:

  1. Book your domain as your name. I prefer www.GoDaddy.com . You are free to choose your domain service provider.
  2. Domain Forward: Domain forwarding lets you automatically direct your domain's visitors to a different Web site.   Forward the domain address to your linkedin or facebook profile.
  3. Configure MX records on Google Apps: You can enable email delivery by modifying MX (Mail Exchange) records; you'll just need to point your MX records to Google. Click here for instructions on how to configure for Godaddy.
How will you benefit professionally:

  1. You will have a personalised email id name@domain.com on Google Apps. Email looks professional ie no more name.surname@gmail.com but you will enjoy all the features of gmail.
  2. Your domain name is visible in every email and so will be Linkedin or Facebook. Read Mashable advice on how to maintain the profile on Linkedin and Facebook for professional networking. You will come out of obscurity.
  3. Participate in professional networking forum like CMA India Portal and give professional opinions and views on events. This will make you visible among professionals.
  4. You should always spend money on yourself to professionally upgrade yourself rather than thinking too much on how much you can put in your pension fund.

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