Enterprise governance - Restoring boardroom leadership

22 January 2010 |

CIMA, UK published a discussion paper on "Enterprise governance - Restoring boardroom leadership" in Jan 2010 which focusses on Corporate Leadership. This paper sets out how boards can be more effective and challenge management confidently.

The key conclusions in the report
  • Boards need an integrated approach to effective leadership.
  • Directors must incorporate behavioural and structural factors
  • More attention must be paid to psychological factors contributing to board performance: creating a challenge culture, succession planning and effective risk governance.
  • There must be rigorous, regular and systematic board evaluation.The model proposed by this report could provide a useful input to the board evaluation process.
  • The board’s relationship with external stakeholders, particularly shareholders, is crucial. By focusing on its own effectiveness and contributions to the long-term sustainability of the organisation, a board will serve those stakeholders.

Read the full paper. Click here 

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