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ICWAI website - Share your thoughts

Update on 16-Dec-08: ICWAI website has now vastly improved and more informative for its stake holders.

I have been visiting the ICWAI website quite often to see any updates and it has been improving a a lot. Last week, Mr Ramesh Joshi, in one of his mails had asked the members to post a feedback about the website. I posted a feedback and to my suprise Mr S C Gupta responded in a day. Nice work office bearers of the institute.

To make our profession effective is in our hands. As we go ahead we should be more demanding with ourselves, our elected representatives and Institute. Today maintaining a effective website that supports our professional developments is the only way to get ahead in the corporate ladder. So feedback to our institute is necessary from time to time. As ICWAI is only Cost & Management Accountancy body in India, the hits to the website by the general public is tremendous. So why not captalise on it.

I liked the following sections on the website
  1. Practising Members Directory: I feel that Institute should have encourage the practising members to have their website. It is a must in today's world. Any one visiting ICWAI website and then short listing any firm should be able to know about the profile of firm on the looking at the website.

  2. Knowledge Bank: This section is very good. However it needs to be better organised.
  3. Resources / Downloads: Resources/Downloads should be combined with Knowledge Bank since they both are similar.
  4. Code of Ethics: This is a must on the ICWAI website and it is there. This should be in html format instead of download.
  5. Job Opportunities : This section needs a lot of improvement. The Jobs available should have a mailing alerts for those members who subscribe to it. So any new jobs posted, members should get a notification. Then they can apply for a suitable job. The employers will be happy when they get responses.
  6. ICWAI Act/Rules : I am very happy to see this information in an electronic form. I feel this should be available on About Institute Page instead of being on the drop down list on the Members Page.
The areas that I feel needs improvement or foresight is
  1. President's Message: ICWAI should be the first to have video messages on the website. President's message should be available as a video message on the website, so that members and students can see him talking. (Of course recorded video message).
  2. Continuous Professional Development (CPD): CPD courses should be available online followed by multiple choice questions to answer. This will ensure that members are completing their CPD requirements.
  3. IT infrastructure: ICWAI should improve the IT infrastructure and have a call center to answer all the queries from students and members. The first level queries should be address by the call centre. To have Regional Offices to answer the questions is now an outdated approach and expensive.
  4. RSS Feeds: Most of the websites are having RSS feeds. Even MA Blog has one. Subscribing to the feed will help you to remain updated regarding new developments on the website. ICWAI site should have one.
  5. Email ids: All the employees/office bearers should have a proper email ids and not or etc. This does not show institute in good light.
  6. Management Accountant Journal: The journal needs a lot of improvement and it is B/W for so many years. The internet edition should be glossy, since there is no additional cost for printing. In order to save costs, Institute may have an option for members to opt out of the printed edition.
  7. Regional Office/Chapter Office websites should form part of ICWAI website. This should be as a sub-domain for main website e.g. and not an independent website.
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Last but not the least, please critically appraise ICWAI website. You may post your comments on the blog and share it with other.


Santosh Puthran

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I am gearing up for my Stage 1 exams.. How can i look forward for a career abroad when i pass out..

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