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Pictures of Google's European Centre in Zurich

I got this a forward by email, I thought, I should share it with you..... We already knew that working for Google had certain advantages, but, believe me, this giant of the search motor takes the welfare of its employees seriously ... Visit to Google's European Centre in Zurich as shown by this decompression (stress) capsule that is impermeable to sound and light ... Moving around: A slide allows quick access from different floors ... There are also poles available ... they are similar to the ones used in fire stations. Food: Employees can eat all they want from a vast choice of food and drink. Work Station: Each employee has at least two large screens. There are 4-6 'Zooglers' per office. INNOVATION: Large boards are available just about everywhere because "ideas don't always come when seated in the office" says one of Google's managers. LEISURE: Pool tables, video games etc. are available in many areas. Communication... On each floor, there are pri

I beg to differ

According to Wikipedia Communication is the process of transferring information from a sender to a receiver with the use of a medium in which the communicated information is understood by both sender and receiver. Communication requires that all parties understand a common language that is exchanged. I participate in virtual discussion forums and some of the members communicate using following sentences (they are grammatically correct). I beg to differ .... or I beg to disagree If you have queries, please contact the undersigned I hereby give my consent The undersigned does not carry any intentions to hurt you at all I beg you will consider the business well tonight and let me... Source: ExtremeInstability William Wordsworth's (1770 - 1850) poem "Daffodils" is a very popular poem and often taught in schools. Most of us must have studied during the school days.

Emerging role of Management Accountants in the New Economy

This is a guest post by Mr. V R Kedia FICWA. He is a practising Cost & Management Accountant from Mumbai Shape of the things to come Effect of LPG – Liberalisation, Privatisation, and Globalisation – Global competition, Fittest will survive, sub – optimal units have to die. Size, strong balance sheets and a history of achievements are no longer guarantees of continued success. Global competition – strategic alliance networks and massive engineering efforts place new demand on all professionals. Many of old hierarchies will be replaced by flat structures. Every organisation is undergoing a process of internal churning. Employees will be judged by their delivery of agreed output and level of services, not on spending 8 hours a day attending their place of work. Financial information will be considered as only one portion of the balanced scorecard of measures used in organisational decision making. Knowledge will replace physical and financial capital as an orga

SAP FICO Certification Questions - 3

This is part 3 and concluding part of SAP FICO certification questions. Preparation for the SAP certification is quite daunting. The best sources is to read the training materials which is provided during the certification. You should read every line of it and any doubts test it in the system. Take a test on this question When entering a document using a foreign currency, which date is used to determine the exchange rate if the translation date is not entered ?(Single) A. Posting date B. Document date C. Entry date D. Baseline date I got the answer wrong the first time. Write your answer. Check the solution at the end of the post. Previous posts: SAP FICO Questions - 1 SAP FICO Questions - 2 26. Choose the correct statements regarding recurring documents. (Multi) A. When creating a recurring document, the valid time period must be defined. B. The posting date is determined by either the run date or the run schedule. C. Field values can be changed in recurring do

SAP FICO Certification Questions - 2

A general query by people who have experience in SAP. Can I appear for SAP FICO certification examination without undergoing the training program ? I have experience as end user of SAP, can I do SAP certification ? The answer is available on SAP website on Examination Policies and Procedures . Participants Partners and customers may register suitably qualified employees as candidates for the certification examination. Participants in training courses that are given by SAP or SAP's authorized training partners and that include the certification examination may attempt the certification examination. For all Academy tracks that contain Case Studies, full participation of the student is mandatory to qualify to take the certification exam. Previous Questions 13. Integration with MM: An asset purchase order is created in Purchasing. The goods receipt is posted on a value basis. Invoice verification then posts the invoice. What is th

SAP FICO Certification Questions - 1

Source: Interview Notes Many SAP FICO Consultants are keen on finding the SAP FICO certification questions. I am including few of the SAP FICO certification questions on the Management Accountant Blog. You can give a try on the following questions. End users on SAP can test their knowledge about the system. 1. A chart of accounts ( Multi Choice) A. can be allocated to multiple company code B. can be defined as the group chart of accounts C. only contains definitions for G/L accounts D. can only allocated to one company code. 2. A client. ( Single Choice) A. may only contain a single chart of accounts B. may contain multiple charts of accounts C. may only use one currency type D. may only have one controlling area 3. Identify the correct statement(s) relating to how the main business processes are integrated in the SAP R/3 System. ( Multi Choice) A. A purchase requisition is a documented request to purchase goods or services. In SAP it can be created manually or au

Indian CEOs prefer Mercedes

The news article in Economic Times caught my attention where Indian CEOs prefer imported cars. The reason may be Indian auto makers may not have cars to suit the taste of super rich CEOs. I summarized the list from article for your dekko. Name CEO / Director / Chairman of Car he owns/ prefers Mukesh Ambani Reliance Industries Maybach 62 and lot of S Class Mercedes K P Singh DLF Group S Class Mercedes Malvinder Singh Ranbaxy Labs Mercedes S350s V C Burman Dabur Group Mercedes Kompressor Anil Ambani Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group Lamborghini, Porsche Kumar Mangalam Birla Birla Group MW 5 Series Sedan Shiv Nadar HCL Technologies Rolls Royce Phantom Vijay Mallya

Do you want to be an Internal Auditor

There has been a discussion in the cma_india yahoogroups the role of internal audit function in a company. One view was that the role of Internal Audit department has been reduced to vouching and checking the records and other view is that Internal function is Management Assurance Group. According to Wikipedia Internal auditing activity is primarily directed at improving internal control . Under the COSO Framework, internal control is broadly defined as a process, effected by an entity's board of directors, management, and other personnel, designed to provide reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of objectives in the following internal control categories: Effectiveness and efficiency of operations. Reliability of financial reporting. Compliance with laws and regulations. Management is responsible for internal control. Managers establish policies and processes to help the organization achieve specific

Promoting Your website Context Advertising

Worms reduce waster upto 80%, Google Advertising does the same for our marketing - Heather Gorringe, There is a very good article "Cost and Management Accountant (CMA) – an Entrepreneur setting up practice as a CMA by Mr V R Kedia" published on the Management Accountant Journal of ICWAI. He has given useful tips on starting a practice and how to promote and build a network. With the world on the Internet, you can get business if you have effective Internet presence and use Contextual advertising. A couple of tips: Professional Website : Your firm's should be a professionally looking website. It should give a details about your firm, contact information and updates on taxation / laws on the area that you practice. Anyone will be impressed when your information is up-to-date and receives a response when they contact you. Check with your Accounting Body about guidelines of the website. Master your firm's website in 10 minutes on