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Customer Satisfaction CRM

In my last post, I have mentioned about techniques used by retailer " How to Acquire a Customer" . I bought the Nikon S52c a couple of days back, registered my camera on the Nikon website and sent the £50 cash back voucher to Nikon. The camera has wifi capability and it uses to send pictures by email to the friend. I tried to register on the above website but could not figure out where to get a 4 digit code. I searched on help but did not find a resolution, so I gave up. The offer is that the site provides a 2 GB free space and a 20 GB space with subscription. Since my initial efforts to register to website failed, I continue to use website like picasa or flickr. I am quite happy with the camera however I am looking forward to my £50 cash back to complete my positive shopping experience with Nikon. SERQUAL Method The SERVQUAL method from Valarie A. Zeithaml, A. Parasuraman, and Leonard L. Berry is a technique that can be used for performing a gap

Acquiring Customers CRM

The primary role of management accountant is to work with the business and also how business works. You should take efforts to understand the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on your company and evaluate how your company acquires customers and retains them. A couple of days back, I bought a Nikon S52c Digital camera from Jessops. The deal from Nikon is you get upto £ 50 Cash Back when you buy a digital picture frame with this camera. That's cool. So I registered on Nikon website with details and ticked the check-box which say "Offers from Nikon and its selected affiliates". With A £50 cash back strategy, Nikon has enticed me with offers that they would send me by emails and posts and then I would continue to do business with them. There would thousands of customers like me which Nikon has acquired with a £50 carrot. That's cheaper than TV commercials. There are numerious methods of acquiring customers and continue to do business online. Search Engine Market

CMA Chanda Kochhar CEO ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank has formally announced CMA Chanda Kochhar as CEO and Managing Director of ICICI Bank. She will succeed one of the most powerful personalities in the bank industry Mr. K V Kamat. She is Associate Member of ICWAI. She did her Masters in Management Studies from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. She has worked all the way from being a Management Trainee to become the CEO of ICICI Bank. On her way to way to the top, she has numerous achievements. Under her leadership,the Bank has won several prestigious awards: * “Best Retail Bank in India” – 2005 - The Asian Banker * “Best Retail Bank in India” – 2004 - The Asian Banker * “Best Retail Bank in India” – 2003 - The Asian Banker * “Excellence in Retail Banking Award” -2002 - The Asian Banker * “Best Retail Bank in India” – 2001 - The Asian Banker As recognition of her contribution to establish ICICI Bank as a leading player in the banking industry Ms. Kochhar has been: * R

Is social networking addictive

Just to let you know Management Accountant has been following NerdIndia on Twitter and become addictive to the updates. NerdIndian has been providing his social network updates on happening in Mumbai and I love to see pictures he takes from his Blackberry . I realised that I check my facebook quite often and look for what others are doing. I have been looking for tools to incorporate in the Management Accountant Blog to connect people. I like Firefox browser that allows flexibility of using add-ons and it is very user friendly. I installed an add-on Yoono to assist me. This has led me to create accounts in FriendFeed too. So when I start my work, I spend lot of time reading the updates. The question that I ask myself, am I not wasting time in social networking ? The answer is readily available ... . I queried about my use of time on twitter. talk2santosh has 177 total tweets and assuming they spent an average of 30 seconds per tweet they've sp

Accounting Technician Course launched by ICAI and ICWAI

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has launched Accounting Technician Certificate Course in India on Dec 10, 2008. Similarly ICWAI has launched its own course . The publicity in the press about the Accounting Technician Course by ICAI. Business Standard Dec 9, 2008 The institute of chartered accountants of India (ICAI), to fulfill the demand for trained accounting professionals and to support chartered accountants (CAs), is launching a new course for the second tier accountants or the accounting technicians. India Edu News Dec 10, 2008 The Accounting Technicians would not only fill the gaps at the operational level, but would also ensure that the value chain in the accounting process does not suffer. With the launch of this course, students who have enrolled for the CA course, but for some reasons are not able to complete the course would have an option of becoming an Accounting Technician. However at the same time, there is a scope for them to acqui