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Are you following a tractor

A couple of days ago, when I was at the roundabout, I saw a tractor entering on the right. Since it was on my right, it had the priority on the road. Then I entered the road and was behind it. The road was a A road - single carraige way. The tractor was driving at a speed of 20m per hour and I had no choice but to follow it. My vision was blocked by the tractor, I could not overtake since there was a oncoming traffic on the other road. All the traffic behind was driving at 20 miles per hour and the queue of cars was building up. We had to follow it for another 1 mile till the road become a dual carriage lane. The question I would ask is, "Are we following trends in real life and accepting them ? " Or can we change them or look issues in a different perspective. Accounting Body: Being a member of a particular accounting body, your institute would be advising you on latest happenings through various medium like seminars, internet and journal. As a professional, you shoul

Alternative Office Applications for Small Firms and Cloud

Small accountancy firms and indivdual management accountants may have tight budgets and find it difficult to spend on software applications like Microsoft Office or individual email ids for their employees. However there are good alternatives available in the market which either free or cheap. You must read the End-user license agreements (EULA) before downloading the application to ascertain whether it is available free for individual and commercial purpose. The top software free applications are Open Office / Star Office : They are very good alternative to MS Office since they have all the applications similar to Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Star Office has the ability to convert the document into pdf. This is now a industry standard which could be your standard for sending soft copies to your clients. Star Office 8 is available for free with google pack. The latest release is Star Office 9 which is available for $ 34.95 as opposed to MS Office Small Business Edition $ 449.95

MOU With CIMA ICWAI a historic agreement

CIMA has signed an "historic" agreement with the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (ICWAI) on 12-Jan-09. This agreement will serve to both strengthen the professional accounting links between two of the world’s leading economies and provide highly skilled professional accountants for the global labour market enabling both institutes to work together to enhance recognition of the profession and their professional bodies. Glynn Lowth, President of CIMA, explained that the agreement will strengthen links between the British and Indian economies, as well as creating highly-skilled accountants. ICWAI members Accelerated Route to CIMA Membership Members and passed finalists of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (ICWAI) who have completed the ICWAI Final Examination are eligible for exemptions from all CIMA's certificate and managerial level exams. There are 11 exemptions in total. CIMA Professional Gateway Assessment Examination Cand

New Year Resolution 2009

I was reviewing my New Year resolution for the year 2008 and  taking stock of whether I have achieved of what I thought in 2008. My focus last year was on networking management accountants across the globe and also make them known in the industry. With help, advise and efforts of active management accountants, we were able to achieve the following: CMA India Portal: The CMA Portal was given the final shape with the efforts of CMA B V Prabhakar, RV, Ramesh Joshi, Devarajan, Ashutosh and many more. Today the portal has 770 members which includes members from other profession and business. The focus of the portal has been quality discussions and actions, particularly discussing business events in India and globe. The members who are active are likely to be known in the accounting fraternity. Readers will be benefitted from the discussions. CMA India Portal on Linkedin: This was suggested by CMA Devarajan so that we would be able to connect to other professionals. A profile on