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New Year Resolution 2009

I was reviewing my New Year resolution for the year 2008 and  taking stock of whether I have achieved of what I thought in 2008. My focus last year was on networking management accountants across the globe and also make them known in the industry.

With help, advise and efforts of active management accountants, we were able to achieve the following:
  1. CMA India Portal: The CMA Portal was given the final shape with the efforts of CMA B V Prabhakar, RV, Ramesh Joshi, Devarajan, Ashutosh and many more. Today the portal has 770 members which includes members from other profession and business. The focus of the portal has been quality discussions and actions, particularly discussing business events in India and globe. The members who are active are likely to be known in the accounting fraternity. Readers will be benefitted from the discussions.
  2. CMA India Portal on Linkedin: This was suggested by CMA Devarajan so that we would be able to connect to other professionals. A profile on linkedin is a passport for networking. and ideal substitute for a website. I would suggest you create your profile on linkedin and join CMA India Portal Linkedin. Today the membership is 29 and will definitely grow. This will ensure that you are always connected with us some way or other.
  3. Management Accountant Blog: The blog moved on to it own domain and I have a personalised email id associated with the domain name. The alexa ranking today is 678,162. I will strive for ranking around 100,000 which is an indicator of how the blog is ranked in the search engine results. I will look forward to your support to use various social networking tools like digg, stumbleupon or yahoo buzz on the articles posted.
Being a member of ICWAI, I am proud to say ICWAI has achieved a lot in the last year. Some of them are
  1. Number of seminars hosted by ICWAI has increased and this should bring our institute closer with the industry,  members and other stakeholders.
  2. ICWAI website has been improved a lot. Few suggestions I have made are implemented. I would sending them suggestions on a regular basis.
  3. ICWAI signs MOU with CIMA, UK: This is a good indicator of qualification going global. The MOU will definitely help to the members to work globally without being to explain everytime who they are. This agreement will serve to both strengthen the professional accounting links between two of the world’s leading economies and provide highly skilled professional accountants for the global labour market enabling both institutes to work together to enhance recognition of the profession and their professional bodies.
My New Year Resolution 2009
  1. iPhone and look alikes: The reason iPhone/iPod is a marketing success is because it does what you want with the touch on its screen. It is user friendly, innovative and people like it because of positive experience using it. I would be focussing on articles that will bring you more closer to business.
  2. Business and Social Networking: This resolution will continue. My efforts will be to connect all the management accountants with the business. The objective is the management accountants should be the first choice for the business.
  3. New Technologies on the internet: It is said, one who controls the technology ,controls the world. Romans dominated the world because they built roads, British dominated because they built ships and Americans dominate the world as they have advanced technology on weapons. Management Accountant of today has to follow a similar route in  the workplace. This will include in depth knowledge on ERP solution, Business Processes, Office applications and usage of tools on the internet to gain knowledge and provide solutions to the business . E.g. Social networking sites Twitter, Facebook and linkedin were considered to be joke on the internet when they started. They are now  a disruptive technologies which are very popular. Join me on Twitter . Use add-on on your Firefox browser to keep in tune with the latest. I will be focussing on some of the technologies on the internet.
Just as last year, please post your comments and views.

Wish You and Your Family a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2009

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