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The Organization Structure of the IASC Foundation

This is a guest post by CMA Devarajan Swaminathan. He has over 10 years post qualification experience in Accounting, Auditing, Finance as well as Management Accounting. He is the proprietor of Devarajan Swaminathan & Co - Cost Accountants. View CMA.Devarajan Swaminathan's profile IFRS or The International Financial Reporting Standards are the accounting standard norms that Companies globally have started to adopt. India is committed to prepare its financial statement based on IFRS from 2011 onwards. An attempt is made here to understand the DNA of the Organization, namely the International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation or the IASC Foundation, which has taken on the responsibility to frame International Financial Reporting Standards and how India is represented in this structure (at least till now). In writing this article references have been heavily drawn from the IASB website , IASC Foundation Constitution and the book IFRS Practical Implementat